After passing tough exams, tour guides given Mayors permit

Tourism Guide Seminar

After hurdling a 100-question, multiple choice written examination and afterwards a 3-man panel interview , 107 persons passed out of nearly 200 participants who attended the tour-guiding services training last January 19. The new Puerto Galera Tourism Council together with the Office of the Mayor conducted the training after identifying the need to professional, re-orient and educate the remaining and prospective tour guides. The Council noted that complaints received by resorts owners and tourists alike on some tour guides and so-called recruiters who take advantage of tourists by misrepresenting or giving false information.

The Council which is composed 60% private sector and 40% from the local government met last December 2016 to ascertain problems affecting the tourist industry and subsequently, came up with a list of recommendations to the Office of the Mayor. The Mayor’s Office acted swiftly and organized the training of tour guides. After getting a lot of participants, it was decided to make the training in 2 batches, January 19 and another batch on January 20. The lecturers for the training module on the historical Milestones of Puerto Galera was then Municipal Administrator Noe Lineses, for Environment was Mr.Daniel Enriquez, for the municipal profile was Levy Rivera and for the responsibilities of a tour guide was Ms.Tet De Lara. After the seminar, a written examination was given to the participants followed later by a 3-person panel interview. Mrs. Malou Morillo from Infinity Resort, Mrs. Carmela Datinguinoo from the Mayor’s Office and Mr.Richard Belen from the academe conducted the interview. The successful participants and now permitted by the Mayor to engage in tour guiding services are as follows:

1.Acabado, Ariel 2.Antonio, Roselyn C. 3.Balabat, Annabell P. 4.Balitaan, Edna 5.Cabrigas, Andrea A. 6. Caringal,  dialo 7. Caringal, Casiano M. 8. Caringal, Joseph B. 9. Caringal, Maricel C. 10.Catapat, Anastacio A. 11.Del Mundo, John 12.Dela Pena, Vicente S. 13.Delocado, Ben Johnsol L. 14.Despi, Madilyn 15.Evangelista, Genelyn 16.Evangelista Jr., Rogelio 17.Galicia, Leonard 18.Garcia, Helen R. 19.Garcia, Lelaine B. 20.Garcia, Lestino 21.Garcia, Shirley P. 22.Garlan, Lolita M. 23.Hayag, Eufrocina M. 24.Janer, Ginafer 25.Magparangalan, Jennifer 26.Mansalupas, Marites 27.Mansalupas, Remar G. 28.Manzano, Arc 29.Marasigan, Merly B. 30.Napiza, Mario M. 31.Romasanta, Rammel A. 32.Rosales, Jolly Ann 33.Tacud, Mark Louie 34. Tupas, Estela A. 35.Tupas, Jocelyn G. 36.Tupas, Rizalie 37.Velasco Jr., Francisco D. 38.Villanueva, Connie Joy 39.Donasco, Nancy R. 40.Isole, Dale Ranzy P. 41.Sumayod Jr.PoncianoG.  42.Ledesma, Mhelody 43.Maranan, Marlon M. 44.Pimentel, Josephine 45.Ricare, Michelle 46.Arago, Jessie A. 47.Arago, Ofelia A. 48.Atienza, Ariston A. 49.Atienza, Arnold 50.Atienza, Ellen D. 51.Atienza, Lerma T. 52.Atienza, Maribelle P. 53.Balbacal, Rodolfo D. 54.Bernardino, Lolita B. 55.Bernardino, Maryella B. 56.Cabuhal, Ryan L. 57.Cajayon, Joey A. 58.Cagara, Maria Corazon P. 59.Cagara, Narwin M. 60.Cordero, Glenda C. 61.Datingaling, Arnold 62.De Chavez, Jerason L. 63.De Chavez, Peter Michael L. 64.Dimayacyac, John Y. 65.Gaba, Jundel Fran 66.Gayon, Emilio I. 67.Ilagan, Marcelito 68.Ilagan, Timotea A. 69.Lopez, Raquil 70.Magboo, Marilyn 71.Magbuhos, Bebiana M. 72.Magracia, Leonisa P. 73.Manongsong, John Abeth 74.Marquez, Sergio A. 75. Pelaez, Divine Grace M. 76.Quezeda, Merle Merino 77.Rivera, Christian C. 78.Robles, Luzviminda B. 79.Lopez, ChristopherS.  80.Lopez, Gloria S. 81.Lopez, Rodel B. 82.Montilla Jr., Juan  83.Montilla, Lucky Jestoni M.  84.Montilla, Nancy 85.Montilla, Princess Jona M. 86.Nijboer, Lily M. 87.Orbigoso, Christopher B. 88.Pryal, OliviaA.
89.Silang, Alexes Joseph L. 90.Silang Glenn 91.Llanera, Jennie Rose M. 92.Benalla, Charlie G. 93.Lastimoso, Jerry 94.Masilungan, Aurelio B. 95.Marquez, Maricris 96.Romero, Emily 97.Romero, Matias 98.Samson, Lorejean A. 99.Villacrusis, Moses 100.Villegas, Frederick R. 101.Viray, Regie O. 102.Fetizanan, Clabelle R. 103.Collomar, JocelynG. 104.Lopez, Armilyn C.  105.Magbuhos, Ma, Teresa B. 106. Bitare, Imelda 107.Francisco, Mary Joyce
(report from Mayette Isole)