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Another Shooting in Puerto Galera

Galerans and their Visitors from all over the world experience lately a rise on crime in our town. Many break and entry incidents are reported. People believe the crime-rate is spinning out of control in Puerto Galera. Just a few day’s after a shooting in town, where a suspected thief shoot in cold blood a habal-habal driver who followed the suspect after a committed theft and killed him in an instant, another shootout has been reported to the Municipal Police Station.

Yesterday morning, August 1 around 10am – the MPS got a call from a concerned citizen that a shooting incident transpired in front of Andromina Building, located at Barangay Poblacion. After officers of the PNP arrived at the scene, they found out, that Tajuden Busar Datudacula, nicknamed “Jalal”, 33 years old, married, a Matano Muslim, resident of Sitio Aguada and businessman was shoot 3 times while sitting in front of his store. Suffering two gunshot wounds in his right chest, and one in his left arm, Jalal was brought to the Puerto Galera Hospital for medical treatment. As the victims gunshot wounds been sever, the medical staff at the PGH transferred Jalal after first aid procedures to the Oriental Mindoro Provincial Hospital in Calapan for further treatment where he was undergoing an emergency surgery.

Tengaraan Pitielan Umpat, 42 years old, Marano Muslim, vendor and also a resident of Sitio Aquada witnessed the incident and identified the shooter as N., 17 Year old (withheld name as the suspect is still a minor). The Police conducted immediately a pursuit operation which resulted in the apprehension of the shooter.

During a spot-search in the house of the shooter, the police was able to confiscate one magazine of a caliber .45 pistol, the same caliber the victim was shoot with containing 7 rounds of ammunition. The suspect claimed to have “dumped” the Gun. Two empty shells, caliber .45 been recovered from the scene of the shooting.

The suspect admitted to be the shooter and a attempted frustrated Murder case is been filed against him . The suspect is detained at the Municipal Police Station under the supervision of Chief of Police Teofilo Bas-A Awingan.

The Mother of the suspect stated at the police, that the victim was raping her during a business trip to manila, where the victim was together with her in manila on last July 5, 2017. She did not reported the incident to anyone, but her family sensed that something was not right with her, so finally she told her story to her family which led to the incident.

This morning, the victim is still in the recovery area but he is stable. The medical staff at the Provincial Hospital in Calapan are very positive that he will survive.

The investigation regarding the whereabouts of the weapon, and a related case, where the witness claimed the suspects father threaten to kill him while pointing a gun at him, is ongoing.

If you have witnessed the shooting or have any helpful informations regarding the matter, pls get in contact with you MPS at the Municipal Compound in Puerto Galera.