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Three More Dealer Are Nabbed In PG On May 1

It is May 1, 2017 – 10pm in the evening and almost everyone enjoys his working day off. Not our Men from the Municipal Police Station, they still on the look out for the bad guys of our society. On this evening, this working ethics should become very bad news for three of our Galerans. Three men, who thought it was a good idea to go out and sell drugs.

It’s really old news, that the new administration at the national level is fighting a war against illegal drugs, still – some people seem not to understand how serious law enforcer in the Philippines, down to the municipal level, are taking President Duterte’s words and how rigorous the fight is conducted.

Valentino Pagkaliwangan Caniveral – nicknamed Valentine, (61 years old, from Poblacion) and his two friends; Bryan Keith Torres Fiedacan (23 years of age, from San Antonio) and Joel Evangelista Recto – Nickname: Piolo, 41 year old resident of Aguada, run into a Drug/Buy-Bust operation, conducted by our Police Station and personal of PDEA MIMAROPA.

After receiving intelligence, that @Valentine and his buddies are selling shabu in Poblacion and nearby Barangays the joined anti-drug operation was conducted. The confidential informant also stated in his testimony that the dealers handle their transactions, using cellphones and meet-ups to arrange their exchange cash for drugs.

BUSTED! After selling Shabu, worth 1000 peso to an Police Officer, posing as interested buyer. All three got read the Miranda Doctrine, and where legally arrested.

During the usual body-search, officers found 3 more pieces heat sealed plastic, containing suspected shabu. Obviously following the arrest, the suspects been brought to the municipal hospital for medical examination and now held under the custody of the municipal police station while necessary documents are being prepared for filing proper charges in court.

Valentino Pagkaliwangan Caniveral was a Tokhang surrenderer and listed as pusher/user, the other two are newly identified as pusher/user.

Good job