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Chuck Driver of Puerto Galera

Chuck Driver
Chuck Driver

An adopted son of Puerto Galera is Chuck Driver, partner-manager of Capt’n Greggs Dive Resort on Sabang Beach. Chuck first arrived in Sabang in 1987, immediately fell in love with the very much smaller Sabang than it is today.

Chuck is originally from Australia where he served in the Royal Australian Air force as an air-frame and jet engine specialist.
He started his diving in Australia and played rugby for the Air force and made his PADI Dive master in Darwin, the most Northern City in Australia.

During his time here in Puerto Galera Chuck has logged well over 6006 hours underwater, just think of it – that’s a lot of bubbles. He is a scuba Instructor with PADI, BSAC, INTD, SSI plus other numerous specialties.

In 1999 together with John Bennett they set a world record open sea dive of 166 meters. Chuck soon after decided that his best dives do not have to be deep every time.

Chuck is also one of the Founders of the Puerto Galera Hash House Harriers  which is the local chapter and is one of 1954 clubs in 154 countries.

Chuck is a very good all-round mechanic, and has helped many people with his skills with compressors and outboard engines.

His hobbies include his family, power walking around the entire municipality of Puerto Galera, and of course, he drinks his famous concoction – Gin Juice.

One famous happening for Chuck was on a Hash House Harriers ON-ON at Pirate Cove. While he was conducting the circle at the end, one of the local dogs walked up behind him and raised his leg – and guessed what happened. He got wet. Chuck was not  impressed. Later on I said you know why the dog did that – you have legs like tree stumps – true… More power to you old friend!