Death in Whitebeach

Easter is a very busy time at White Beach. Thousands of tourist arrive in one, some people call it, prime tourist destinations. With thousand of visitors, there come more responsibilities for business owners, law enforcement, the local government unit and our public health workers. It is not easter holy-week, but with a long weekend, (we have two official non working holy days this Friday and next Monday), this weekend, the Barangay San Isidro welcomed even more visitors then on easter. Are they really prepared?

This morning, bystanders spotted a floating body in the sea in front of Puerto Galeras famous White Beach. People rushed to rescue and started CPR, as the (still unidentified man) was still breathing, someone called for help, called for an ambulance. The ambulance never arrived in white beach. The only other choice, rather then waiting, was to put the man in to a tricycle and transfer him to the hospital. On their way, almost one hour after the incident happen, the trike was meet by the Ambulance in Balatero. Unfortunately, the Man died on the way to the hospital.

One can ask: Why wasn’t there no by-standing ambulance service during such a peak period? Where was the Tourist Police?

Fortnightly called Mayor Rockey Ilagan to ask him this questions. In our conversation the mayor stated that the Barangay and the LGU underestimated the numbers of arriving guest for today. Everything was prepared for this afternoon, but it seemed there was already plenty of arrivals yesterday evening and early this morning. Mayor Ilagan also stated, that he rushed himself to the scene as soon as he got the news and ordered to have a ambulance and health workers permanently on duty in white beach during the long weekend. He also will order the presence of Police Officers at the area. He further stated, that the Municipality of Puerto Galera already ask the MDRRMC to held first aid courses, including everyone involved in tourism business for their personnel. Lifeguards will be trained and present at all mayor beach sites. 

The cause of the incident is still investigated as the victim had a big scar on his chest, which appeared to be a operation scar following a heart surgery. It might be very well a case of cardiac arrest rather than dawning.