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Living in Puerto Galera

Dining in a Sabang Restaurant
Dining in a Sabang Restaurant

Puerto Galera over the years has evolved into a multi-cultural, multi-national community as foreigners continue to establish businesses and permanent residence in Puerto Galera. There are many Koreans, Australians, Germans and other Europeans who could not resist the charms of the island and had establish a home in Puerto Galera.

Legally, foreigners are not allowed to own land in the Philippines. There are however many legal ways to own a property. One is to name the land under a Filipino partner. Another is by creating a corporation which shall own the property. To know more on how to buy and own land in the Philippines, contact – info@puertogalera.org

What is it like to live in Puerto Galera?

A question many would ask and those who know less will say, its a sleepy town ideal for retirees and old people. This was indeed true 20 years ago but over the years Puerto Galera had become more active with establishments sprouting like mushrooms. Now, there are numerous open-air bars, where one can sit and enjoy drinks with fellow customers from all parts of the world. There are entertainment centers, pool tables, tennis courts, lots of restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine.

Drinking in a local bar
Drinking in a local bar

Technology continues to play a major part in Puerto Galera’s transformation into a First Class Municipality. There is high speed Internet, Cable TV, mobile and landline telephone services and power outages are at a minimum compared to 10 years ago.
Water is strong in some areas and scarce in a few. There is an ongoing project to make the water supply sufficient for the entire municipality. There is also a plan to build a huge Sewerage Treatment Plant to address concerns on the pollution coming from wastewater.

There are many schools for elementary and secondary (high school) education and a college and one vocational school in town. Most locals opt to study college in Batangas or in Calapan which is a short distance away from Puerto Galera. The more affluent study in Manila.

There is also both a government and private hospital.