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Malasimbo Festival, Call for Help

On March 10 to 12 we will be having the 7th Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Again, thousands of tourists will be coming to see the event, staying at the hotels, eating at the restaurants and spending thousands of pesos while in Puerto Galera. All of us will earn, will benefit directly or indirectly. Further, before and after the event, there are numerous news articles about Malasimbo Festival which are valuable tourism promotion absolutely free!

Hubert d’Aboville and son-in-law Miro Grgic are the founders of what can only be considered “a phenomenal” event, who with their hard work, dedication and commitment always manage to bring to a successful fruition each Malasimbo Festival. Indeed, it is phenomenal given the extremely challenging logistics and organizational requirements, the high expectations of its unique public and the equally high standards of artistry and music maintained by the organizers.

Miro is widely acclaimed as the man who can bring such a myriad of great musicians in a unique venue while his wife Olivia is the curator of fantastic artworks by 30 artists displayed at the festival grounds. Hubert and wife Ara are giving the festival a special dimension through D’Aboville Foundation and Demo Farm where the IPs of Mindoro are introduced, and the importance of our environment explained to all. The festival is anchored on 4 pillars, namely, Music, Arts, Indigenous People and the Environment – advocacies which has made Malasimbo a cut above the rest.

In spite of all the colorful accolades given to the event, Hubert d’Aboville regretfully is having second thoughts if ever there will be a Malasimbo Festival in 2018 as he mourns the lack of support from those who greatly benefit from the festival especially the resort owners in particular and even the people of Puerto Galera in general. To many who have seen and have been at the festival, this would be unbelievable – what with the efforts expended and the millions invested. To this d’Aboville can only say the festival had become unsustainable, more so, after they lost the usual sponsorship given by the Department of Tourism.

“Money will not come from my savings or my children’s savings”, says d’Aboville. “If Puerto Galera wants the festival to continue next year and the year after that, we need the support of everyone”, he added.

Aware of the significance of the event, the Puerto Galera Tourism Council responded to the call for help and is appealing to the Department of Tourism to continue to subsidize the Malasimbo Festival.

The Tourism Council will also be enjoining all resort owners to support the organizers which can translate to giving a couple of rooms for free, buying advertising slots or a free meal to the many artists performing at Malasimbo.

The municipal government can help with the security, transportation and medical needs while the provincial government can help by assisting and organizing the Mangyans who sell their products and show their culture to the hordes of tourist that come to Malasimbo.

Yes we need to lend a hand to the organizers. Never mind if they earn tons of money, which obviously they do not; what matters is the positive effect of Malasimbo to our tourist industry, one that we desperately need.

Lastly, we invite everyone to come to this year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Discounts are given to residents upon showing of a Puerto Galera ID or a cedula (Community Tax Certificate).

Aside from the music, warm ambiance, relish with gusto the exceptional food – the famous DaboDobo and the delicious Kesong Puti.

Thank you and Viva Malasimbo!

Emmanuel Lineses
Executive Director, Tourism Council