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Mayer’s coffee house is open again

After a successful start, Gregory Mayer, the owner of Mayer’s Coffee House went back to Germany in order to get more funding. He had that dream of giving a better experience to his customers by adding more kubos, getting newer equipment and to brighten  up the whole place.

Now, Mayer’s has re-opened and we can have our favorite coffee with homemade fruitcake again. The place looks nice and fresh and  staff are friendly. Mayer’s also delivers their famous coffee. If you feel like having a fresh home-baked Mango Cake, just call in, order your coffee and your cake and enjoy the treats at home.

Mayer’s is located adjacent the Petron Gasoline station.

Come and stop by and if you’re luck, you might get one of Mayer’s yummy original Goulash soups!

They Speak German, English and Tagalog. Waitresses are friendly and always good for a joke. For visitors of Puerto Galera, Gregory Mayer and his wife always have some inside tips on where to go and what to do.

Mayer’s coffee house is open daily between 6:00 am up to 6:00 pm.