Napacor 69KVA lines for Puerto Galera to be cut off in August

A 300 Mio grant, organized with the help of Congressman Ray Umali will be used to renew the old, and since many years trouble causing 69KVA power-line from Calapan, delivering the power to Puerto Galera, so Maximo Delos Reyes, acting manager from the National Power Corporation (NAPACOR) in a interview with the Fortnightly Journal. This particular Line System delivering the Power to Galera only. The Municipality’s of San Teodoro and Baco will not be affected, so Delos Reyes.

69kva NAPACOR line

In order to rehabilitate the 69KVA lines, it will be necessary to cut of the lines for good, and replace the old system with a new one.

The cut off can cause as long as 300 Days. On our question, if it would be not feasible to set up a new system, before cutting off the old lines Delos Reyes stated “that is not possible. We own only a 15 Meter wide right of way. If we would build a new system beside the old one, we would need to acquire new land, get the permits of the landlords and thats very unrealistic. That can not be, as it would take forever and cost more than the budget we have to rehabilitate the lines. Imagine how many stakeholders are involved for the land all the way from Calapan to Puerto Galera. We have a one and only chance to do it right now, a big opportunity for Puerto Galera. And it has to be done now, or we might loose this opportunity as the funds will not be available forever.”

public hearing Sitio Minolo

A 6 Megawatt Generator Station, set up in Sitio Minolo and run by the Mindoro Grid Corporation (MGC) will take over the power production for Puerto Galera during the time of the Rehabilitation Project. A public hearing was held on July 18, 2017 in Sitio Minolo, as that area will be mostly affected by the generator station.

The dismantling of the old line will begin first week of August. NAPACOR is recently digging already the foundations for the new posts. Delos Reyes told me, they will not need the whole 300 Days as they already in the progress and he believes, that by end of November the power will be up and running again trough their distribution net.

NAPACOR Manager Maximo Delos Reyes (Front)

Napacor, MGC and Ormeco are certain, that the generator set up is more than efficient to cover Puerto Galeras needs on a 24/7 basis. Not only the stability, but also the quality of the electricity will greatly increase in Puerto Galera after the Rehabilitation is done. Busted Appliances will be part of the history then as the voltage will be stable and secure.

Fortnightly will keep you updated on the progress.