ORMECO – a Never-ending story

By: Mario Lutz
April 24, 2017


Typhoon or no typhoon, what we had to spot in Brgy. Aninuan is  barely news, nor is it acceptable. Yesterday, late afternoon we have been seen a, what i believe is a very dangerous situation. A coconut tree, damaged by the latest typhoon was found to lean over the 69kva distribution line. Having direct contact with three (3) out of the five (5) lines can cause at any time a catastrophic accident. Regarding to residents in Aninuan, ORMECO is aware of the situation. Lineman been already at the site but nothing happen, no action or any attempt of cutting down the tree has been done. Children playing in that area, and kids like to climb. What will happen if one of the kid’s will climb up? What happen if the tree is wet, just like it would be after a rain and someone would get in physical contact with it? 

Dear ORMECO – do your jobs! This is an unacceptable public safety issue, will you be responsible for whatever happen?



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  • This happened in December 2016
    When I left in June 2017 the tree was still on the line.
    It is September 2017 now.
    Has this been fixed yet?