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President Will Close Popular Beach Destinations If They Cant Work Out Their Environmental Issues.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he wants to “close” popular beach island Boracay if its environmental problems are not resolved in 6 months. Same can happen to other destinations with environmental issues as well.

“I will close Boracay. Boracay is a cesspool,” the President said on Friday night, February 9, during the Manila Times Business Forum in Davao City.

 Duterte said the sewerage problem in the top tourist destination is wreaking havoc on the island’s ecosystem.

“You go into the water, it’s smelly. Smell of what? Shit. Because everything that goes out in Boracay…it’s destroying the environment or the Republic of the Philippines and creating a disaster coming,” he said in a mix of English and Filipino.

The President predicted that eventually, Boracay – one of the world’s best island destinations – will cease to attract tourists if the pressing environmental issues are not addressed properly and right away. He said he could not stand the fact that Boracay, once in a pristine condition, is becoming polluted because of negligence.  “During days when I was there, garbage was just 20 meters away from the beach. At a distance, you see cotton balls in Boracay, [which] is a white sand,” Duterte said.

“There will be a time that no more foreigner will go there because he will have – when he goes back to the plane to where he belongs – he will be full of shit going back and forth to the restroom,” said Duterte.

He gave Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu 6 months to address the environmental problems in Boracay, particularly the non-compliance of business establishments to environmental regulations. The Environment and Tourism departments have agreed to step up efforts to save Boracay, including penalizing establishments found to have violated environmental and other laws.

The steaks are hight, not only for Boracay, Puerto Galera with his environmental issues might be next on the list. Hopefully, Mayor Rockey Ilagan will soon start with his last year announced Sewerage Water Treatment System in Barangay Sabang.