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Rambulan sa Galera – PG’s biggest Sport Event yet, a great success

thousands have witnessed the Underground Battle Mixed Martial Arts (UGB-MMA), Cage-Fight competition April 28 & 29, 2017 in White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

UGB-MMA and the LGU, under the leadership of Mayor Rockey D. Ilagan brought, for the first time ever in Mindoro, a great Mixed Martial Art Sport-event to our town. 30 fighters; 15 battles; nice looking round girls; local and national music artists was offered to the cheering crowd on this beautiful beach. The event started with weight taking of the fighters, a scouting of new talents for round number girls and live music on Friday evening.

The Fight-night was fabulous – 30 athletes from all over the country came together in Puerto Galera to show of their fighting skills to hundreds of people on a, very humid and hot Saturday evening. The show had something for everyone; girls – fighting in a cage, lots of full contact martial art battles, a grunge match, re-matches, new-comers , for the first time a weaponized cagefight; hot round girls, drinks, foods and live music.

The air was loaded with expectations and tensions as the first fighters came out of their corners to face each other in a – what some people call: “Cage Gladiators Competition”. The guest and visitors could witness, for many of them for the very first time, an outstanding sport event, in a beautiful set up. Media people been battling for the best position behind the cage to catch the best picture of the fighters while service personnel of Tanduay Philippines serving yummy, cold drinks for very affordable prices. On the Friday opening evening, spectators been able to buy the famous Mindoro Sling for 20 peso, on Saturday prices been raised a little, but with 50 Peso a big cup of Mindoro Sling – no one could complain. Miras Deli from Sabang was serving sandwiches, nachos and other delicatessens.

Marco Heft, a German Boxer backed out of the competition and left a little shadow over the event. The organizers announced  Hefts withdrawal during the evening event. As Marco Heft is one of only two local fighters, and the only member for the foreign community it was a rather sad announcement that he wont fight this evening. He did not passed the medical examination during the last minutes test, doctors said he cant fight during back spasms. Some people rumored that his withdrawal was caused by his coach “Shark” though. He (Shark) posted the night before the fight on his facebook page rather rude comments about his fighter, regretting that he “wasted his time” might have caused Heft to back out, even the coach talked to him the very next morning and cleared the air. Shark stated that he was paying for Heft’s medication and other expenses out of his pocket, and even supported his new corner after the fall out. However, it certainly was disappointing to his fans, and supporters who showed up, some even with German flags that Marko Heft was not able to fight.

The Mayor himself could not be at the event. His mother was brought to San Lukes Hospital in Manila, after suffering a suspected stroke and her surgery was scheduled on the very same day of the main event. Understandable, RDI choose to support and comfort his Mama during her hard time, but sends his best wishes and regards to his home town.

Rumbulan sa Galera was discussed also controversial during the preparation phase. Mostly, identified political opponents of Mayor Ilagan posted their opposition on social network pages. Claimed, an event like that would not suit our town. Some even expressed their confusion about why Ilagan would support a, what they called “useless, bloody event” if there where basic problems in town; like the water situation to be fixed. Luckily, the Sangguniang Bayan, under the lead of Vice Mayor Marlon Lopez was approving Ilagans plans for the rehabilitation of the water-systems in town, and the LGU was able to finish Phase I for White Beach just in time.

Looking at post of visitors, who actually went to the Rambulan themselves and from what Fortnightly Staff could hear, during the event from spectators – the Sport Fest was greatly appreciated by everyone.

Only, the local power distributing company ORMECO messed up the fantastic climate of the Big Weekend, and left thousands without power, some of them – like myself for the whole night, thank you for that.



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