Support the Mayor

For the longest time, the Municipality of Puerto Galera has always been one of the more insignificant Tourist Destinations in the eyes of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Different reasons from different sectors on why so. But today one thing is apparent, the Town of Puerto Galera is significantly in motion. Puerto Galera is also back on the DOT Map, and rightfully so. We have to give credit to Mayor Rockey D. Ilagan for this. For such a short time, he has made revolutionary undertakings in Puerto Galera. Many good projects are on the way, somethings

Mayor Rockey D. Ilagan
Mayor Rockey D. Ilagan – Municipal of Puerto Galera

has been achieved already. He is not right all the time, but he set the wheels in motion. And we need a leader like him. A leader who don’t mind sleeping only 4 hours average and even sleeps many times only in the car.

There is not enough support going around for this Man.

Here is my support to you Mayor. My full support.

He is NOT perfect. His research may not be as extensive, his data may still be flawed. But he is a man who has more balls than all the other Politicians i meet so far combined. I have seen so much spirit of my President in you.

Go lang ng go, Rockey Ilagan!!!