Suspected illegal small scale mining at the windmill tower sites

By: Mario Lutz
April 24, 2017

On April 11, 2017 – black water pipes, suspected to be used as breeding pipes for underground small scale mining, has been discovered by workers of MELEKON. At an elevation of more than 700 meters above sea level, on the construction side of wind turbine tower Nr. 7, high up in the mountains of Puerto Galera, small scale mining cause massive problems for the Windmill project of PHESI.

PHESI’s general contractor MELEKON inc., self being accused of doing a sideline mining business by some netizens, is fighting against the illegal exploration and mining as it causes possible threats for their, soon to be erected, structures. In an interview with Fortnightly Journal, Eric Epa , Project Consultant of the Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems, Inc. (PHESI) stated, that the construction of the foundation for the Turbine Towers had to be put on hold until an seismological screening would be completed. The screening is necessary, in order to find out if there are hidden shafts underneath the construction sites who would be able to destabilize the ground and put the towers in danger.

Fortnightly Investigative is looking into the claim, it has to be found out who is doing the illegal mining job and who their financiers might be.

Recently, Mayor Rockey D, Ilagan held talks to persons, running small scale mining sites in Barangay Dulagan, offering them alternative livelihood opportunities. In the meantime, PCI Lawrence V. Panganiban ordered the personnel of the Municipal Police Station to intensify the investigation into illegal exploration and small scale mining within our municipality.


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