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Third police chief under Mayor RDI

Police Senior Inspector Teofilo B. Awingan is the third to be appointed as officer in charge of the Puerto Galera Police Station. His predecessor is Police Chief Inspector Lawrence Panganiban who succeeded Police Superintendent Jaycees Tolentino, the first Chief of Police since Mayor Rockey Ilagan assumed office.

Awingan, married and a father of 3, was appointed last June 26. He originated  from Baguio and graduated in 2010 at the Philippine National Police Academy in Cavite. His last post was Chief of Police of the Municipality of Gloria.

PSI Teofilo B. Awingan

Awingan said he will fight the crimes in Puerto Galera with all legal means necessary. Puerto Galera is one of the main entry points of illegal drugs in Mindoro because of its accessibility to Batangas. Awingan added that he will not rest until the robberies and and burglaries have been stopped.

“I see that most of barangay police are not active”, says Awingan.  “I will make sure that this change for the better.  We need a close cooperation with the barangays and the police station so that crimes will be dealt quickly”.

The new chief is urging the community to cooperate and report crimes and that he will personally make sure that the police officers will do their job, investigate and apprehend suspects as quick as possible.