Travel Warnings and the truth about terroristic activities in Bohol – editorial

every day, new travel warnings from foreign countries are reported. This time, they are concerned with their countryman, who are planning to travel to Bohol in the Philippines. We all, living and working in the Philippines get used to such ridiculous warnings already, and no one is really concerned about it anymore. But now, Bohol and the Visayas, seriously?

I believe, it is time to release a few words of truth, a few words on what really was happening in Bohol, a few words, reported by eyewitnesses, by people who actually live and work there.

First of all, the shooting incident took place in ONE of the Barangay’s of Inabanga town (Napo) and spilled over to neighboring barangay’s because of escaping insurgents.

Secondly, Inabanga is not a tourist destination at all, and is located at the north of the Bohol island (Panglao Island, the famous tourist spot, is located at the southern part of Bohol).

It was an isolated incident, confined to this one town,

– NO insurgents attacked anyone at anytime;

– NO resort or tourist spot was attacked;

– NO other area was involved in the incident;

– NO bombs of any kind was planted;

Three boats where spotted, NO other insurgent boats landed anywhere else but these, they where seen and reported right away and the boats where confiscated upstream of the Inabang river. The insurgents DID NOT attack, the GOVERNMENT INITIATED THE OPERATION in order to eliminate these lawless individuals BEFORE they were able to execute criminal acts. This government operation showed clearly, that it was on top of the situation and they (most likely) killed the leader of this gang, among other gang members. The situation also showed, that Bohol values peace and that no group of lawless individuals can disturb the serenity of the province of Bohol.

I cant spare a sharp word towards some major media outlets of the Philippines: Report true events and don’t lie! You will not be able to destroy tourism anywhere in the country because people this days got brains, and they know where to validate your news reports, they know where to get real information.

Shame on you !!!

And on a personal note, I thank the government to have swiftly acted on the information coming from private individuals reporting on the entry of these terrorists. This action is very positive, not only for Bohol, but also for us in Puerto Galera, among other tourist destinations within the Philippines. Compare that with what has transpired in Europe almost every week, where terrorists are able to execute their evil actions and killed scores of innocent individuals.

Of course, one may still see clearing operations at some areas within the province of Bohol, but also around the entire country, enhanced security measures and there-like. This is also been done in view of the upcoming ASEAN conference.