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Two Drug Pusher arrested in two different operations

Puerto Galera-May 13, 2017

Two drugpusher, one in Sabang and on in Sinandigan have been arredted in two different bust and buy operations yesterday, may 13 by the Puerto Galera Municipal Police Station in cooperation with Agents from PDEA MIMAROPA. Together with the two Drug Dealer, who have been arrested in whitebeach two days earlier, that makes 4 arrests in 3 different police actions within only 3 days. In our recent interview with the Chief of Police, Panganiban stated that the fight against illegal drugs is his main focus beside illegal mining and gambling. “With every arrest we are making, our town will be a little bit more safe” so PCI Lawrence Panganiban.

Editors note: Details will follow as soon as we have the incident reports.