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Water problem solved in 6 months, says Mayor RDI

Finally, finally, at long last, the long-awaited, much-anticipated water rehabilitation project is underway.
This following the approval of the Sangguniang Bayan of Mayor Rockey Ilagan’s water system rehabilitation and improvement projects estimated to cost more than 70 million pesos in total.

The Mayor promised that the water crisis now running nearly one decade will be over and done with once the water project has been completed.

“I promised them that I will solve this and that is what I am doing. Give me 4 to 6 months and they will see a much better water services”, says the Mayor who is now on his 10 th month in office. The project will greatly improve the water supply of Sabang, Sinandigan, Palangan, San Antonio, Poblacion, Sto.Nino, Balatero, San Isidro and some parts of Tabinay.

Municipal Engineer designate, Engr. Rodel Rubio confirmed that the rehabilitation and construction of the new water system covering 9 barangays is underway and that the target date of completion is within 6 months or less. Two new 6-inch diameter pipes will be laid out from the spring source to the main intake tank in Baclayan. From the Baclayan reservoir, a new pipeline costing 10.3 million pesos will be laid out to fill up the new Sinandigan tank which will service the Sabang-Sinandigan area.

Residents of White Beach, Aninuan and Minolo is now experiencing greatly improved water services after the completion of a more than 4 million pesos rehabilitation project. More funds are expected to be infused to finish the San Isidro-Aninuan area.

To improve the water distribution lines in the barangays, funds were allocated as follows:

San Antonio, 1 million pesos; Poblacion, Sabang, San Isidro, Sto. Nino, Balatero and Sinandigan got 2 million pesos each. Another 3.9 million pesos will be spent for the improvement of water services in Balatero and Sto. Nino. Phesi, the proponent of the ongoing multi-billion peso wind farm project, will be donating more than 23 million pesos for the purchasing and relocation of pipes and a brand new modern water filtration system to be installed at the source. This is part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. Phesi said that once completed the water coming out of the taps will be clean and potable unlike what is existing now, which many observe, might not be safe for drinking.

Meanwhile, Judge Antonio Leynes granted the petition of the municipal government for the repair and relocation of pipes within the property of Mulawin Investment, which filed a civil case against the former administration. This following a motion from Mulawin interposing no objection and consenting to the water project of Mayor Ilagan.

A reliable source said that the 180 degrees change in attitude of Mulawin is because of the “friendly” relationship of Mayor
Ilagan with Mr. Augusto “Kiddo” Kalaw. Mr. Kalaw, representing Mulawin Investement vociferously opposed the agreement entered into by former Mayor Hubbert Dolor with the so-called Consortium, a private corporation, which were supposed to take a leading role in the water system rehabilitation and construction project for the entire municipality.

“Finding the Urgent Motion (To Allow the Repair and Relocation of Water Pipes) filed by the defendant (municipal government), through counsel, to be well-taken and without objection on the part of the plaintiff (Mulawin Investment), same is hereby granted”, stated Judge Leynes in his decision.


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