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Why it is a good time to invest in Puerto Galera?

Puerto Galera Holy Week
White Beach during Holy Week

We got a local government led by Mayor Rockey Ilagan who has an MBA on business administration who seems to be more responsive to the needs and aspirations of the business sector. He being the owner of one of the biggest transport provider is presumed to know more about tourism than his predecessors, a bold statement yet one that is arguably true.

This Mayor has so far fulfilled his promises: ongoing rehabilitation and improvement of the water supply, ongoing Sabang road construction, soon to commence sewerage treatment plant for Sabang, ongoing construction of a new dumpsite which will be transformed into a landfill, improvement of the municipal hospital, development of Tamaraw Falls into a nature park, development of Muelle Pier as a cultural heritage park, strict implementation of tourism regulations and environmental ordinances.

The 6-billion peso wind energy project is expected to open new opportunities for inland or upland tour activities and increase real estate values of properties traversed by the Phesi road. The value of land in Baclayan is steadily increasing as the Phesi road nears completion.

The opening of the Abra de Ilog-Puerto Galera road will make Puerto Galera the gateway of Occidental Mindoro to mainland Luzon. This economic milestone will make Puerto Galera nearer to becoming a city as more and more business will open to cater to the commercial traffic coming from Occidental Mindoro.

The price of land at the border of Abra and Puerto Galera is still low but once the road opens, expect the price of real estate to double if not triple in value.

The opening of the road also means easy access for cheaper agricultural products of Occidental Mindoro. The prices of fish, meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables are much, much cheaper than what we have in Puerto Galera.

The new tourism projects of the Mayor, improvement in basic services and aggressive tourism promotion will greatly increase tourist arrival.

One of the great byproducts of the Abra-Puerto Galera road is the coming of the big ferry companies due to the expected increase of passengers and cargoes using Balatero port. Expect Fastcat, Supercat and our own FSL to usher the modernization of the transport services.